Side Menu

This page will walk the user through the side Menu on located on the right-hand side of NEMO Rx

side Menu

The side menu can be found in the top right-hand corner of the NEMO Rx application. From here the user can navigate to each of the administration pages. These pages include:

  1. Profile
  2. Dashboard
  3. Logout
  4. Providers & Users
  5. View/Export Signed Prescriptions
  6. Register Token/Device
  7. Token Status
  8. Exostar Account
  9. Resync Details
  10. Limitations
  11. Grant Requests
  12. Audit Items
  13. Incident Report
  14. Working Hours
  15. Rx Print Settings
  16. PDMP Site
  17. About


The profile displays the user information and allows the user to edit that information. The user is also able to set their pin number here when applicable.


Edit Basic Info

Edit basic info allows the user to edit their name.

  1. Last name – This is the users Last name
  2. First name – This is the users First name

Change Password

Change password allows the user to change their login password

  1. Old Password - The current NEMO Rx password
  2. New Password - The password which the login will be changed to
  3. Re-enter New Password - Confirmation of the new password

Edit NEMO Rx Info

Edit NEMO Rx info allows the user to update their NEMO Rx information. This information is required for sending prescriptions through NEMO Rx.

  1. Title – This is the users Title.
  2. SureScripts Provider Identifier (SPI) – This is the identifier provided to the provider by SureScripts for writing prescriptions through SureScripts.
  3. DEA number – A number assigned to the Provider by the DEA. This is required for prescribing Narcotics.
  4. State License number – State provided license number
  5. Department of Public Safety - Department of Public Safety number
  6. Generation – The users' generation if any
  7. Address – The address associated with the users SPI number
  8. Address 2 – Address continued
  9. City – The city associated with the users SPI number
  10. State – The state associated with the users SPI number
  11. Zip code – The zip code associated with the users SPI number
    • Can only be 5 or 9-digit zip code
  12. Primary phone number – The users primary phone number
    • Note the user must enter a phone number for the selected primary phone number.
  13. Home Phone – The users home phone number
  14. Work Phone – The users work phone number
  15. Cell Phone – The users cell phone number
  16. Fax – The users' fax number.

Set PIN Number

Set Pin number allows the user to set a pin number for signing prescriptions where applicable.

  1. The PIN number must be 6 digits in length and must be entered and confirmed.

Edit User Preferences

In this window each user will have the ability to set their default filters

  • Prescribe - This setting will default what the user sees when they open the patients dashboard (Example: Pending, Sent, Printed, etc.).
  • Default Provider - This setting will set the users default favorite medication list when writing an Rx.


Takes the user to the initial starting screen for NEMO Rx. You can also return to the dashboard by clicking the NEMO Rx icon in the top left corner of the screen.


Providers & User

This screen provides the user with a read only list of all providers and users associated with the practice.


View/Export Signed Prescriptions

This screen allows the user to search for, view and export signed prescriptions and their details.


The user can use the below filters for their search, please note that no date range will be used unless one is manually set.

  1. Patient – Allows the user to search by patient.
  2. Request Type – Allows the user to search by Request type
  3. Date from and Date to – Sets the date range for the search.
  4. User – Allows the user to search by User.

After searching according to the specified filters, the user can expand each result to show the raw data for that result. The user can also export the results as a PDF file by clicking the Export button.

Register Token/Device

This pop up allows the user to register their identity token. The pop up allows either a hardware token or a software token.


Token Status

Provides the status of the logged in providers token. This will only be seen if the logged in user is a provider and has a Token registered.


Exostar Account

This will take you your Exostar information page.

Resync Details

This will take you to a screen to resync your Exostar token details.


Provides a pop up to advise the user if the device they are using to access the NEMO Rx application is the device which has their token they cannot use the device to complete the signing process for controlled substances.


Grant Request

This screen allows the user to set the Grant requests permission, revoke Tokens and reset PIN numbers as well as view requests which have been made by users.

  1. Search Users Tab allows the user to search for users and set their permissions to Grant requests, revoke tokens and reset PIN numbers.
  1. The Requests tab shows a list of requests

Audit Items

This screen allows the user to search prescription transactions within NEMO Rx for a 30-day period.


The user can filter their search by the following criteria:

  1. Start date and End data (note that this must be no greater than 30 days)
  2. Type – The type of transaction taking place for example if the prescription was created
  3. Resource – The type of resource the transaction is for; Prescriptions, refills or Change requests.
  4. User – This allows the user to search by a specific user.

Incident Report

This screen allows the user to search user activities such as audit log searches and logins to determine if these could signify an issue.


The user can filter their search by the following criteria:

  1. IP address – the public IP address of the user logged into NEMO RX
  2. Incident Report Type – The type of incident being reported
  3. Date from and Date to – The date range to be searched
  4. User – The user performing the action

The user can also export this report to a PDF document.

Working Hours

This screen will allow the user to set the working hours of the practice. This can help determine when users should be logged in and performing actions in the system (The incident report will look to working hours to indicate when users are online during non-working hours).

  1. To add working hours, click the Add Hours button. Once clicked an additional line will be added to the list of working hours. Set the desired day and times and click submit to save the working hours.
  2. To delete working hours, click the “Trash can” icon on the right of the desired line and that line will be deleted.

RX Print Settings

This screen allows the user to set available options when printing a prescription. These options will be used for all prescriptions.

  1. Capitalize Prescription – this will force the prescription to be Capitalized
  2. Two signature lines – This setting will print out 2 signature lines instead of one
  3. Print title – This setting will toggle whether the title is printed on the prescription
  4. Print NPI – This setting will toggle whether the provider NPI is printed on the prescription
  5. Print comments – This setting will determine if prescription comments are printed
  6. Print Patient’s Address – When checked the patients address will be printed on the prescription.
  7. Initials Signature line – Adds a line for initials according to the signature line information added.
  8. Print DPS – Prints the Department of Public Safety number for the provider
  9. Print State License Number – Will print the providers State License number on the prescription
  10. Signature Line 1 – Note for signature line 1
  11. Signature Line 2 – Note for signature Line 2


The PDMP Site allows the user to enter in a link to their state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program site. This link will be provided as a reminder pop up when prescribing schedule 2 narcotics.



The about pop up provides the current version number of the NEMO RX application.

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