This page will walk the user through the Alerts window.

Table of Contents


The alerts icon in the right-hand corner of the window will take the user to the Alerts Dashboard. Here the user will find prescription alerts and a history of refill requests, change requests and prescriptions.


Alerts Tab

The alerts tab will have two sections.

  1. Refill requests - Alerts will be produced as refill requests are received. To respond to a refill request click the line item, selected the desired action and click submit.
  1. Change Requests - Alerts will be produced as change requests are received. To respond to a change request click the desired line item. On the pop up the user can choose to approve or deny the change request.


The history tab allows the user to search refil, change request and prescription histories according to the available filters.

  1. History for - The type of history item.
  2. Start date and End date - The date range for the search.
  3. Verification Status - The verification status to show in the search.
  4. Type - The type of history item, for example pending or approved.
  5. Patient - This allows the user to search for records for a specific patient.
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