Wiki Releasenotes March 19th 2020

General Release Notes from the March 19th update.
Please note, updates to NEMORx may require the browser cache to be cleared. If you are not seeing the stated changes please clear your browser cache. If you are not sure how to clear your browser cache click here for assistance.

New Features

  • We are now ordering the favorite medication list in alphabetical order
  • We have added two additional default user setting
    • Favorite Medications - Users are now able to set what users favorite medications they would prefer to use
    • Prescribe Filter - Users can now decide what prescription filter to use when opening the application (Example: Sent, Pending, etc)
  • When writing an Rx user can now select the ICD-10 codes from the patients summary screen
  • We have Partnered with Surescripts to bring Rx cash prices along with coupons for patients without medication coverage's.
    • This coupon will come in the form of a hyperlink. After opening the link please print the coupon code and give it to your patient.

Resolved Issues

  • We have corrected an issue where modifying a favorite medication would result in a white screen
  • We resolved the issue where users would receive an error resetting the providers pin
  • We resolved an issue where the new from old medication icon would not show at times

Additional Notes

  • When denying a refill request NEMORx will remove the request from the screen even if Surescripts is unable to fully process the request
  • Per the new government regulated script standards we have updated the following requirements
    • When writing an Rx for a patient under the age of 18 users will not be required to enter the patients Height and Weight (located in the patients demographics)
    • When writing a controlled substance users will be unable to see the refill amounts as we have auto-populated zero
  • We have updated messages in application to alert users of issues prior to completing their workflow
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