Wiki Release notes

General Release Notes from the April 10th update.
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New Features

  • NEMORx now has the ability to show Pharmacy statuses related to your e-prescriptions. When you send your prescription you will initially see a "Verified" message which means the script was received by the Pharmacy. The Pharmacy will then have the ability to report the following statuses back to NEMORx.

Disclaimer: The new feature above required the pharmacy to send the status to NEMORx, the application, cannot update medication statuses that have already been filled.

* Dispensed - With the Dispensed notification the Pharmacy can add additional notes (Example: Generic Substitution - A modification of the product prescribed to a generic equivalent.)
* Partially Dispensed - This status will come with a reason the medication was partially dispensed (Example: DISPENSED 5 OF 10 TABLETS). Then the pharmacy can update the message when the patient receives the rest (Example: DISPENSED REMAINING QUANTITY)
* Not Dispensed - This status will show if the patient never came to pick up the medication or the prescription is out of stock (Example: The medication prescribed is out of stock and cannot be obtained in a clinically appropriate time frame.)
* Transferred - This will show if the pharmacy transferred the medication to another location.
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