Wiki Release03162021

General Release Notes from the March 16, 2021 update.
Please note, updates to NEMORx may require the browser cache to be cleared. If you are not seeing the stated changes please clear your browser cache. If you are not sure how to clear your browser cache click here for assistance.

New Features

  • Automatic Prior Authorizations
    • When writing a prescription that requires prior authorization, NEMORx will not automatically send the request to our partner Surescripts. Once, you are ready to send one of these prescriptions, you will see a button "Continue Prior Auth". After selecting the button, users will be brought to the prior auth module. Once, have completed this prior auth, simply close the window and the "Send" button will be available.
  • Show All Filter
    • We are now defaulting our Prescriptions to show all medications for a patient
  • Search Favorite Medications by Name
    • When in the favorite medication module you can now search for medications by name. When searching we will match anything that is similar to the word entered.
  • Hide Favorite Medications
  • Added Audits
    • We have included additional audits in the system. These new audits add to our existing ones and show users almost every click someone makes within the application.

In addition to the added features, we addressed some bug fixes along with added background changes to improve overall functions in NEMORx.

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